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About Wingquad 6 Surveillance

The Wingquad 6 Surveillance VTOL is a ready to be deployed drone solution for surveillance and inspection applications. Over 15'000 flights have been logged on this model. It can take off and land vertically, transition for forward flight of 45mph (20m/s) cruise and cover a radius of 15.5 miles (25km) for a single deployment hub or a distance of 31 miles (50km) when flying between multiple hubs. Different gimbals for live video transmission can be installed as well as fixed cameras for photogrammetry purposes (both can be installed simultaneously). It features data link loss handling and automatic parachute release in unrecoverable conditions. Each drone is integrated with the Aerialoop health management cloud that checks each flight in near realtime and can report back to the operation management when there is an issue. By default the vehicle comes with a mesh capable C2 link for data and video and supports multiple operator GCS and a control center GCS to monitor the operation.

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Financial support is provided by the manufacturer for this product.

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36 months